Year: 2014
Customer: Union Hill
Project: Rebranding, Web Design, Advertising

Union Hill is an entire neighborhood and district that rents lofts, town homes, apartments, retail spaces, in addition to selling homes and condominiums. The district also is home to multiple restaurants, bars, hotels, and other retailers. As they approached the final stages of development, they were seeking to promote the neighborhood and were in need of updating their brand and brand architecture, in addition to defining a few ‘sub brands’ more clearly.

One of the primary goals of Union Hill was to clearly define the three different “Lifestyles” that represented the different levels of leasing options: Platinum, Loft, and Classic. Each sales associate directed potential lessees to the appropriate level. In addition to logos for each, there needed to be a defined difference in appeal to the target demographic generally associated with each Lifestyle. Through colors, photography, and typography we defined ways to subtly appeal to the different demographics and represent the style of apartments associated with each one while remaining clearly a part of the larger brand and working together. Complete style guidelines were prepared for each of the lifestyles.

Secondly, there were updates to the Union Hill logo itself. After lengthy discussion and many concepts the client decided to keep their long-standing logo and revisit updating it in the near future.

Next a new website was created for the next phase in the project. Phase I of the website was completed in time for the opening of their final apartment buildings. Phase II and Phase III of the website, yet to be launched, will incorporate details maps and listings of local retailers and restaurants, as well as the ability for potential lessees to apply online, and current tenants to make monthly payments online.

Finally, we have also created a series of full page advertisements in a local Kansas City magazine that has a few rotating tiles offering several of their marketing messages for each month.